Hotel search – this is important, as a tourist to take care when planning a vacation. Going on a trip to the capital of Russia in the first place need to book a hotel in Moscow. It should be comfortable enough to stay, convenient location to the main attractions and transport links, as well as comply with a dedicated budget for the trip. Many people wonder: should give preference to low-cost hotels or consider only expensive hotels To answer this question you need to understand what different hotels in different categories?. Everyone knows that they are classified by stars, but what exactly will be offered to the visitor in such hotels is not every idea.

Hotels are separated by stars, not only for the convenience of guests, but also for the owners. For guests this distribution is useful in that you can know in advance the level of service, and for hoteliers – a kind of benchmark in terms of quality of living in accordance with the number of stars. Budget hotel, which is not assigned to stardom, and cheap hotels in Moscow, which has a specific category – it is usually quite different degrees of service.

The different hotels of varying star?

The highest category in the division of hotels – five stars.Price for rooms in five-star hotels in Moscow starts from 50,000 rubles per day. Hotels in this category must meet the following criteria:

  • Area numbers not less than 15 sq. meters;
  • Availability of the TV, refrigerator, air-conditioning system in each room;
  • Daily cleaning with change of linen and towels;
  • Providing at least five guest towels, and various cosmetic accessories;
  • Currency exchange, luggage storage and safe deposit boxes, dry cleaning, ironing and laundry services;
  • Front desk hours;
  • Order food and drinks in the room at any time of the day.

Four star hotelsnot very different from five. The accommodation facilities in this category and should be carried out daily change of sheets and towels. Double rooms must have an area of ​​not less than 14 m2, for one – not less than 12 m2. Notable differences in these categories is not, but 5 star hotel, as a rule, provide a greater number of services included in the price.

Hotels “three stars”– is the one category where you can stay at a low price while receiving all necessary for living with a wide range of additional services. The rooms in three-star hotels start from 10 square meters. Guestrooms necessary to have a bath and toilet. Bed linen and towels takes place once in three days, per guest is given three towels. Most often, tourists who come to Moscow on vacation or on business matters, namely stop in hotels of this class. the level of service they fully satisfy the essential requirements, and the cost of living is accessible to many visitors of the capital.

Two-star hotels– is often hostels. They also provide guests with an acceptable level of service and the price of the rooms. Here you will provide a comfortable atmosphere and breakfast. Rooms at the 2 star hotels have an area of ​​not less than 8 m2. Change of towels and linen – once in three days, the number of towels per guest – at least dvuh.Oteli category 1 star located away from the main traffic routes and attractions. Hotels in this class have no place in its territory for the supply, which is a significant disadvantage for non-resident. Room size – not less than eight meters, replacement of bedding and towels – once a week. Bath and toilet are on the floor and were not designed for more than five rooms.

For a good holiday in Moscow is not necessary to remove the expensive hotels, enough to stay in a three star hotel at an affordable price. The hotel “Star” 3-star offers affordable and comfortable accommodation and a set of different services. We have everything you need to make you feel at home!

In addition, living in our hotel next to the Exhibition Center, you will be able to quickly reach the main attractions of the city.


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