The students – are active travelers. It was during his student years, there is every opportunity to visit as many cities and countries as possible, because it does not have such obstacles as work, kids, household chores. However, students can not always afford an expensive hotel, so they choose budget hotels to budget accommodation.

In Moscow on vacation, conference or other event

As is known, a visit to our nation’s capital, and other major cities will cost a considerable sum. But, as in any other situation, here too there is an opportunity to save, if you follow some proven sposobam.Chasto students come to Moscow for the exchange program. Many students come to the city to participate in various competitions, contests, seminars, competitions and other events. In this case, the savings on accommodation a particularly important issue.

Book accommodation for students

Reservations at advance in our time is not difficult. It’s enough to be the owner of the smartphone, or have access to the Internet. Rent a house before arriving in Moscow, it is possible in many ways: by calling the hotel by booking on the official site of the hotel or on third-party booking service. When booking on the hotel website you can get a double benefit, as guests offer discounts when purchasing a number from the official website. In addition, you will be available for multiple payment options for booking – full or part through the online payment system, as well as payment on arrival.

To date, the least popular book with the help of travel agencies. In order to find a suitable hotel, and room service will be necessary to meet with a travel agent you need. It will search for housing on the same resources of the Internet, which you can easily use your own. Students trips to travel agents alien, so this option is not the most suitable. In the age of modern technology to young people at times easier to make a booking through the official website.

That offers hotel “Star” to students?

In our hotel, especially for students is valid tariff “Student”. Get 20% discount on the tariff very easily – enough to provide at check student ID card or record book.

According to this tariff will be accessible room categories such as economy, standard and comfort. Our comfortable rooms equipped with everything needed to live comfortably. Rooms:

  • Refrigerator, • Air conditioning; • Maker; • Free Wi-Fi; • Telephone;
    • Shampoo; • Soap; • LCD; • TV; • Towel

The “star” you can not just rest easy and great fun, but also to perform tasks on their studies. Free internet access and a business center, which operates around the clock, allow to perform the work at any time!

The cafe on the ground floor you can enjoy European, Caucasian and home cooking, as well as the author’s improvisations from the chef. Freshen up before an important event as possible, taking advantage of the beauty salon and laundry services.

If you want to stay within our budget hotel “Stellar” Then in a matter of minutes you can find a suitable number and order it through the special form of reservation on our official website. You can now make your reservation by phone: 8 (800) 700-30-38; 8 (495) 615-42-65. We are waiting for you in our Budget hotel at ENEA!


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