Color your vacation in Moscow and visit the two lovely trips to 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Hotel Star will provide each of its guest discount coupons for a visit to the telecentre and the Ostankino television tower.

Both tours are very exciting and colorful. On one you will be able to dive into the world of Russian television and visit the filming studios most famous Russian transmissions. And if you are lucky to meet in the same corridor with popular stars of our time. On the second you can climb to an altitude of 337 meters and to see Moscow bird’s-eye view. And a lot of interesting things.

For discount vouchers, please contact the hotel administrator.

Also the hotel “Star” offers assistance in organizing excursions to Moscow for groups and individual travelers.

Every tourist who arrives in Moscow, sooner or later wondering about where to go and what sights to see.

Often the answer to this question are not many, because there are many interesting places to visit. Therefore, the surest way to know the capital city – sightseeing. It is always very informative, interesting and fun.

Guides with extensive experience will show you all the mysterious nooks and unforgettable places, as well as talk about the city’s great history.

What are the excursions?

You can choose a tour of his desire: pedestrian or avtobusnuyu.Zamechatelnoy opportunity to thoroughly explore the city and learn all of its features – a classic hiking tours. In addition to historical and cultural places you can visit some extraordinary places.

If you do not like to stick to the schedule and want to travel on their own, it will be a wonderful option sightseeing tours by bus. Comments guide, you can listen to the recording in one of eight languages. A great advantage of such a trip is that at any moment you can exit or enter the bus at any stop.

training programs Features

Guides with is particularly suited to the choice of a program for trips. Each of them is trying to choose the most interesting information about the city, you could not find on the Internet or literature for travelers. With these guides you can easily open all the secrets of modern and ancient Moscow.

Spend time in the city for the benefit of yourself!

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