C every day more and more people coming to Moscow. Someone just relaxing with family and visiting the city’s attractions, while others are here for work or study. No matter what the purpose of the trip, everyone wants to live in comfort and coziness.

Choosing a place to live is always a difficult task. Because you want to feel at home even while per kilometer. But Moscow – this is a very expensive city, and, in this connection, hotel accommodation can not afford one. The only right choice is a combination of their resources and needs. Therefore, to offer “Star” hotel, you will not regret your decision. Low room rates and services, a high level of tinning, as well as a very good location just leave a good impression.

The conditions in our hotel will allow you are in a relaxed and intimate setting throughout their stay in the capital. Our rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay: furniture, appliances, and other pleasant things that contribute to productive work or leisure.

Our hotel offers 220 rooms of different comfort:

  • Economy class;
  • standard;
  • comfort;
  • judge;
  • family;
  • suite.

The stylish interiors of the “Star” will please your eye, and new modern furniture will allow to live in comfort. The rooms are furnished comfortably and ergonomically. There is provided an excellent opportunity for fruitful work and good rest.

Benefits of living in the “Star”:

  • Comfortable rooms;
  • High level of service;
  • Experienced and competent staff;
  • The favorable value for the services provided;
  • A convenient way of booking;
  • Security system.

Upon arrival in any unfamiliar city, even the most experienced hikers may encounter many difficulties. That is why the main task of every hotel – the creation of all conditions for an unforgettable holiday and efficient operation. AT inexpensive hotel “Star” combines all the basic conditions for relaxing after a hectic metropolis full of life. Polite and helpful staff will help you in many issues and situations. Having been here once, you will want to return to our comfortable room over and over again!

All necessary information can be found on the website or by phone.

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