Tasty and good nutrition is a very important moment in the life of every person. Hotels in Moscow are trying to give our guests a good rest – Accommodation in comfortable rooms, A multitude of services, and, of course, high-quality food. But whether they can provide guests with all necessary?

Unfortunately, most of the hotels and hotels in the capital do not have their own power supply system and the guests have no choice, except how to look for cafes, restaurants and dining nearby. But this is not the best option for a person who lived in the hotel, hoping to escape from the city.

In addition, the search of good eating places can take a lot of time before you find a cafe or restaurant, suitable in all respects. After a long search, quality breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is difficult to say that the rest would be the best in Moscow.

Some hotels in Moscow provide an opportunity to order food in the room, but this solution will appeal to many. Another thing, when you can choose the most favorite dishes ready, going to a cafe or restaurant at the hotel.

And is a type of food, as the presence of food in the room. However, not everyone wants to spend time cooking in the rest period. Opting for such a room, as a rule, make it particularly demanding to eating people or those who are carefully watching their health.

The best option will be available and rooms with a kitchen and a café or restaurant to residents could choose the most convenient way for them to power.

Dining at the “Star”

The hotel “Star” is just there and then, and more. You can withdraw self-catering apartments To engage in cooking yourself, or choose any other room and go down to eat on the 1st floor of the hotel, which is home to our cozy cafe. Here you can start your day with a hearty and delicious breakfast, which is included in the price, taste dishes of European, Caucasian and home cooking, as well as masterpieces from the chef, enjoy hot or cold drinks.

In our Cafe Not only can you have lunch, breakfast or dinner, but also to any type of event from small family parties to corporate banquets or receptions.

Cost of food and also appreciate how incredible taste of our dishes.

We are waiting for you at the hotel “Star”!


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