“Moscow” – how much this word means! All people associated with the city their thoughts, emotions associated with time spent in Moscow. Who was the great city of Moscow at least once, he immediately falls in love with her. And fall in love with it in the season, which was to make the trip. It is absolutely expected. City charms with its history, the grandeur, the beauty, no matter whether it is summer or winter. Moscow is rich in entertainment to suit all tastes, regardless of weather conditions.

As in any tourist town in Moscow often come in the warmer months. In summer it is quite different: the towers of the Kremlin’s falling rays of bright summer sun, the glass walls of skyscrapers represent the pure azure sky, the avenues hear birds singing and leaves rustling. People who wish to explore Moscow can safely ride on the tram and enjoy the view.

During the day, the townspeople and tourists of the city trying to be less under the scorching rays of the sun, trying to shelter exhibitions, restaurants. Some walk in the park, where the sun obstruct the trees and enjoy the cool breeze, someone reads the book and is in “his” other world, and someone is nice conversation with his companion. In the evening it becomes a popular pastime boating on the Moscow River. And at night it is impossible to resist the nightclubs, Cafe, Theater and cinema, night lights and entail.

Winter capital attracts only if the snowdrifts outside. Dressed in a white robe Moscow like a Russian lady, welcomes its visitors. Streets and Transportation decorate ornaments to congratulate where there is a lot of people a month before the New Year playing Christmas music, and at the parks held fun events for children and their parents with the participation of the main atributa- Christmas tree.

In the winter time there are a variety of active sessions. Skiing – in any park, ice skating – in any stadium and snowboarding guests of the city and the citizens will be able to ride on the Sparrow Hills. You can play sports and enjoy the views of Moscow, at the same time.

In autumn and spring, most people kind of capital brings sadness. But if you bundle up in warm clothes and wear waterproof shoes, you can enjoy a visit to Moscow and rainy. At that time, tourists usually prefer to visit concerts, exhibition halls, theater performances. Moscow is not only beautiful architecture and scenery, but also the infrastructure. Every day, the city hosts interesting activity.

Perhaps Moscow and does not spoil the permanent residents of the sun, like Cyprus or snow in Alaska, but it combines the essence of Russia. Come? Definitely yes. Moscow is rich with interesting people, opposites architecture. Do not miss the chance to let into your life something frightening, but fascinating at the same time, let in Moscow!


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