Moscow is one of the most visited cities in the world. There are many interesting places to visit: architectural monuments, museums, circuses, zoos, parks, shops and shopping centers. This is not a complete list of what can be found in the capital. Consider a few nuances trip to the main city of Russia.

What a time to choose to travel to Moscow?

Trip to Moscow can be scheduled at any time of year. You need to make a start on what the goal being pursued. Spring, summer and fall are best suited for those who enjoy walking around the city and plans to attend the tour, Moskvarium, Exhibition Center, Ostankino Tower, Telecenter. For those who prefer to have fun perfect during the Christmas holidays – at this time the city hosts a variety of festivals, fairs and concerts.

How to get there?

In the capital of Russia can be reached from anywhere in the world by plane, train, bus or private car. Upon arrival in the city you can reach any point on the subway. This is the most convenient way to move to Moscow, because they do not have to stand in traffic jams and spend a large amount of travel. At the entrance to any station ticket office is located, where you can buy a ticket on the subway.

Where to live in Moscow?

In the capital, a huge selection of hotels and inns to suit every taste and budget. Here are hosting as expensive hotels and budget hostels. The hotel “Star” offers a wide choice of rooms of different cost categories from economy to luxury. Rooms are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay and excellent service and additional services will enable to enjoy your vacation without worrying about household matters.


Where to eat?

Institutions of Moscow, where you can have a tasty meal, a lot of – it and fine restaurants, and cozy cafes network, and budget dining and fast food places. But it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of places to eat in order to avoid poisoning and other unpleasant situatsiy.Ostanavlivayas in the “Star”, you will always be provided with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, which offers a cafe on the ground floor of the hotel. An extensive menu of cafe serves dishes of European, Caucasian and home cooking, as well as the author’s masterpieces from the chef.


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