Life in the capital is very active. Everyday days, which fly at an incredible speed, take away all the strength. A lot of tasks and plans that a resident of a megalopolis sets for themselves do not allow you to relax and get distracted, and for some it is an impossible dream to escape to rest in another city or country.

Living in Moscow very rarely admire historical monuments, visit museums and attractions. Here it is regarded as something ordinary and not of special interest. This is due to the fact that perpetual employment interferes with learning historical secrets and touching art. In order to get positive emotions and a positive attitude, you need a great vacation.


You can choose interesting excursion routes for yourself or visit various events, but do not forget about finding a place to stay where you will be comfortable and relax in a cozy atmosphere. The Zvezdnaya Hotel is perfect for this.
Our hotel is located near VDNH in the historical center of the city and, therefore, it is popular among guests and residents of the capital. Here you can pre-book your favorite room and settle in it immediately after a hard day’s work. Having truly relaxed outside the house and forgetting about worrying worries, you can go on excursions with renewed vigor. The hotel staff will help in organizing tours, which will save you from unnecessary trouble.
Our services are not limited to living in a room. You will have access to: a restaurant, a beauty salon, etc. Many may think that nothing will change, because you are still in Moscow. But such a vacation will help you feel completely different: you are now not a resident, but a tourist, for whom unusual places will be perceived with special interest.

Even a few days spent at the Zvezdnaya hotel will charge you with vivacity and good mood. Staying with us as a family, you can briefly forget about household chores and will be fully dedicated to your family. You do not have to waste time cleaning and cooking – right after your walks you can enjoy chatting with loved ones. The key to a successful and comfortable stay is the absence of everyday problems!


Most Moscow hotels have a high level of service. Hotel “Star” is no exception. Timely control of personnel and quality service makes our hotel modern and stands out from the rest of the hotel complexes of the capital.

All information of interest can be found on our official website or by calling: 8-495-615-42-65, 8-800-700-30-38. Staying at our hotel, you can be sure that rest will not overshadow anything!

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