Moscow as a metropolis full of a variety of entertainment and leisure activities on offer, in high demand among travelers. The rich historical past and the present, a rich cultural life attract tourists. As chief financial and administrative center of the country, Moscow daily receives hundreds of businessmen of different levels and business people.

Wide range of proposals on placementsurprises and cheers guests. Hotels for all tastes are invited to visit it them.

What you should pay attention to the tourist, not to overpay extra money and have a good rest.

  • Hotel Location

Of course, the most expensive proposals for accommodation in the prestigious center of the capital. Pedestrian access to the world-famous places captivates many. However, you can find a cheap hotel in Moscow, while not spending too much time on the road. ithotels near metro stations, From large highways and interchanges. In this case, access can be quickly to the center, and the price per room will be significantly lower. For example, the hotel “Star” walk to the nearest metro station is a few minutes, and on the TTC allows you to easily choose the direction of the vehicle.

  • Star hotel

Luxury hotel, with its suites and a luxurious restaurant is definitely popular with tourists more than the usual Skoromniy three stars hotel. However, the cost of such a high-end hotel is incredibly expensive and not affordable for many people. There are hotels more modest for ambience and service, but quite decent. And the calculation is justified: tourist flow has not dried up and profit in small amounts, but it is growing.

  • Services

Often, many of the hotel sin imposition of unnecessary services to tourists, it is reflected in the room price. Many of the same, coming to a sleep number, do not see the point of live music in the lobby throughout the day, a gym with exercise equipment and pool and exclusive environment.

Can we find in Moscow cheap hotel? Can! Just worth to focus on more significant things than the gloss and pathos. The hotel “Star” meets all these criteria, which are judged by tourists about the hotel.

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