Entertainment in Moscow for the whole family take a special place. The city has plenty of activities and places that will be of interest to representatives of all ages. Everyone can get their portion of the brightest and unforgettable impressions! To rest came to taste the whole family, just need to choose the right place.

We invite you to read the most popular places for a joint recreation for children and parents.

  1. Zoo. For many, communication with animals – an ideal holiday option. In Moscow, you can visit the largest and the oldest zoo of the country – Moscow State Zoo, which contains animals and birds of every imaginable kind. Also in Moscow, there is a small petting zoo where you can pet and feed the animals. For example, zoos, “My little world” on the street. Tushino and “baby animals as toys” at Prospect. Novoyasenevsky always welcome visitors of all ages.
  2. Water parks. Many believe that the most interesting places of the capital city are at its center, but this is not true. Holiday destinations in more remote from the center of a lot of areas. For those who prefer an active holiday, a visit to the water park will be a great option.

The most famous and exciting water parks – a:

  • «Moreon” Yasenevo equipped with swimming pools, slides of various sizes, a town for children, steam rooms, cafes and bars. All this is surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants that make it feel like a resort in one of the warm countries of the world. • «Kwa-Kwa” in Mytishchi equipped with extreme water descents, rides for children, swimming pools of different sizes, water cannons and Jacuzzi. • « Aqua-Yuen “8 km from Moscow divided into two zones: a child and an adult. There are set of slides 9, the height of which begins with two meters and ten ends. Some slides are downhill. New surfing attractions also work within the complex.
  1. Aquarium and Dolphinarium. The largest aquarium is located in the town of Dmitrov highway. There is a tunnel to walk on that and watch the underwater inhabitants is a pleasure. colorful performances of sea lions and shows with feeding sharks are held for visitors. The aquarium Chistoprudny boulevard can also be a spectator submission feeding sharks or see the exhibition, consisting of 200 aquarium complexes. Get incredible emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime, you can swimming with dolphins in the Dolphinarium at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. The cost of such entertainment ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles. Also hosts a show with dolphins, for which the completion of the Visitors here can take a picture with the inhabitants of the sea or ride a child on the boat, which is drawn by dolphins.
  2. Rollers. During the winter months of the year in the “Hermitage” garden you can visit the oldest ice skating rink. It provides: two platforms for skating, skate rental, corner for children, skating school, cafe. Another rink is located near GUM. The ice is not melting even at 10? C in the evening reigns a special atmosphere thanks to the fantastic lighting. Rink is open to the public from 10 am to 12 pm.

Also in Moscow, there are places where you can spend time with your family for free. You can walk in the parks, visit the free museum, theater, yoga and dance, and more. The capital is ready to offer recreation for every taste and wealth, the main thing is to be positive mood and then nothing could overshadow the day with your family!

Guided tours of the hotel “Star”

If you are unable to choose a place that will be interesting to the whole company, “Star” hotel It offers assistance in arranging excursions to the sights of the city. Guides with extensive experience will show you all the mysterious nooks and unforgettable places, as well as talk about the great history of Moscow. Learn the details in section “Tours” on our official website.


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