Moscow – a huge city, which impresses with its dynamism and a lot of interesting places. In just a few days you can see the main attractions, and enjoy all the delights stolitsy.Plan excursions in Moscow need to be in the first building on the amount of time that you will spend here. The more time you have, the more likely you will be able to see. But do not be upset if the time quite a bit. In this case, you can enjoy a stroll along the waterfront or visit the museum with a small number of tourists, for example, the gallery “Garage” or Museum of Leo Tolstoy, and in winter you can go to the Russian main rink on Red Square.

The most favorable time for a visit to the capital is the period from May to October. At this time the temperature is set at a comfortable level for most people: + 10C to + 25C.

Where should I go first?

An extraordinary place, and at the same time the tallest building in Europe – the Ostankino Tower. From the observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 340 meters, offers a great view of the Moscow-City. Especially fascinating it becomes a night-time, when a large number of fires ignited and everything begins to shine.

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Walk through the Alexander Garden

Alexandrovsky Garden – a wonderful place in the city center, where there is beauty and harmony. Trees with elegant foliage, green lawns, colorful bright colors diluted strolling couples, parents with children and tourists. Here, if you close your eyes for a short while, then you can easily forget that you are in the city near a major road with lots of passing cars. For such a beautiful garden, we should be grateful to Tsar Alexander l, which ordered the creation of a work of art to commemorate the victory over Napoleon.

Excursion to the Armory

The museum, located in the Kremlin – The Armory – a real treasure house of Russia, which has more than 4000 exhibits are precious. Most of these items were obtained by Russian rulers as gifts from ambassadors of different countries. Thus, foreign countries have tried to improve relations with Russia. The main value of the collection is the Monomakh famous all over the world, which was the official crown of Russian tsars.

In Moscow, there are many other places that information you can tell managers “Star” hotel And here you will be happy to provide discount coupons for a visit to the Ostankino tower and television center.

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