The choice of hotels for business trips has some differences from the hotel of choice for leisure. Increasingly, the trip to Moscow was committed for business purposes: study, business, attending seminars and conferences. This requires hotels with modern facilities, internet access, comfortable and cozy rooms, as well as with a wide range of additional services.

AT “Star” It has everything to combine effective work and a pleasant stay. Our hotel is characterized by low prices for accommodation in all types of rooms and a convenient location near the metro station VDNH. In addition, an incredible coziness and comfort is created, which will relax relax after heavy business talks and business meetings. Equally important is the availability of food when traveling on business. With us you do not have to think about where to eat with health and good time. A favorable prices for accommodation and services in the hotel are not talking about an inadequate service. We are interested in attracting guests, so we offer excellent service at an attractive price.

The trip will be a pleasant business trip, if you follow certain tips.

Here are some of them:

  • Bring only the most important and necessary things. Remember that you are not on vacation and business travelers, travel in which it will be much easier with a small bag.
  • Be sure to bring a small part of comfortable clothes in which you will be able to change clothes after a hard day in a business suit.
  • Embark on a journey with hand luggage. This will save you time in the delivery and receipt of baggage, and it will be very convenient, because all things are always there.
  • After reaching the destination the first thing you relax, as the trip to work will spend a lot of effort, but you have to be full of energy to carry out all his plans.
  • Enjoy the trip. Despite the fact that business trip, try to use your spare time to see the sights, to know the city, try the local food and cooking to make beautiful pictures.

Follow all the advice, choose the right hotel and your trip to Moscow will be held on perfect!

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