A number of different proposals for tourist accommodation sometimes causes more problems than it helps. Visitors to the city can stay:

  • in hotels of different star,
  • boutique hotels,
  • The apartments,
  • Guesthouses
  • hostels,
  • roadside motels,
  • guest houses,
  • private apartments.

Everyone is keen to stress the benefits of its proposal loud flaunting the pros and cons of holding back modestly and disadvantages.

When you try to save money, especially if the trip takes place is not alone, as a couple or a large company, many have a reasonable question – and maybe instead of a hotel stay, or even stay in the guesthouse?

Try to understand how it is beneficial, what pitfalls await, and what should be prepared. Let’s start with the most inexpensive.

Guesthouse: cheap and unassuming

Guesthouse resembles the well-known hostel and, in fact. is a large room, which are populated by strangers to each other people. Common kitchen and amenities, lack of privacy at night, the dubious safety of baggage – obvious disadvantages, but it is very low price It attracts young people and budget travelers.

Apartments: payment for comfort

Apartments – this is almost a private apartment, furnished and equipped with necessary appliances and utensils for a short stay. Demand for family accommodation, a large company, where the value does not depend on the number of residents.

Outs may be called a considerable amount for cleaning premises, sometimes comparable to pay for accommodation and is likely to bring with them personal hygiene.

Hotels: Value for life

Taking off at the hotel, for example, Double Room Do not get placed there still friends, other than those stated. At this end of the hotel cons. Many services are dry cleaning, ironing, breakfast in the room are available for token money, and the rooms have all the necessary hygiene products and toiletries, as well as all capital attractions They are in close proximity. The hotel “Star” in this way. Therefore, tourists who love comfort and care for little money choose this hotel.

As you can see, not always trying to save really lead to cost savings and a pleasant recreation. Whether or not to take risks and seek out the best – it’s up to everyone, but if it is during this visit you are not ready for an adventure, look for hotel accommodation.

Catering event in Moscow: choose the right place and inexpensive

If you are going to organize an event outside, many are faced with the problem of siting. Muscovites do not want to leave the city and stand in long hours of traffic jams, as residents of other interesting areas to visit in the capital. This demand for hotels in Moscow naturally justifies their higher cost compared to the neighboring cities.

A careful analysis of services offered and the hotel features help to make the right choice, and often find a hotel in Moscow is not expensive and at very reasonable prices

A business meeting

For business meetings in Moscow nonresident convenient if the hotel has a business center and conference room, equipped with everything necessary. At the same time it plays an important role location of the hotel – it is desirable to have a nearby major road junction and a subway station. The hotel “Star” is located near the business center of the capital, which is conveniently accessible by subway or car.

Meeting friends or like-minded

In this case it will be good to sit in a restaurant or bar in the hotel, talk, enjoy the delicious food and the service, and then continue companionship in one of the guest rooms. You can diversify leisure sightseeing and a leisurely stroll through the quiet streets.

Weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations

Inviting relatives and friends from other cities on the wedding in Moscow, it is worth considering the possibility to celebrate the holiday in the hotel. Of course, having a banquet hall and restaurant with good food necessarily, hero of the occasion can not go home, and stay in the higher category room suite or a junior suite, and the guests placed depending on finances. Quite superfluous to prove a hairdresser or beauty salon in the hotel, where guests can freshen up.

Often, such a tactic: holding celebrations or other events and accommodation in one place more than justified and cost effective. So, to stay in Moscow is quite inexpensive and at the same time reduce the cost of the festival organization and delivery of guests. The hotel “Star” happy to help organize and celebrate the holiday of any complexity

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