Currently, residents of Moscow are mired in routine work. Most of the population most of their time at work, while forgetting about otdyh.Aktivny active vacation – a great way to spend time with family or with friends, relax and get emotional discharge. But often the question arises – where to spend time in Moscow? In this paper, we have picked the most interesting and unusual leisure activities.

Moscow bird’s-eye view

It will be interesting to look at Moscow with a bird’s-eye view, as this will help you a flight in a balloon. The standard height of the balloon is 1000-1500 m. It is a little trip in the clouds will give you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience and a lot of emotion.

Unusual art exhibition

It can not be put aside, and contemporary art. Very popular exhibition of the American artist Android Jones «Samskara». Eccentricity of the exhibition lies in the fact that the pictures are created not only brush, but with the help of special programs. After visiting the exhibition, you will feel yourself in all that is happening and see the stunning polnokupolnoe show.

Bringing Down the House

If you like unusual and strange place, then be sure to visit “Bringing Down the House.” It will be interesting to both adults and children. This is an opportunity to feel upside down, because who has not dreamed as a child to walk on the ceiling. And this is a very good opportunity to get creative shots.

Mazes for active and brave

horror lovers, thrill and bright emotions can go to the “Labyrinth of fear.” It’s a maze, in which the hair stand on end with chilling sounds, screams and creaking doors. But that’s not all. Somewhere in the depths of the labyrinth lives a monster that does not scare away visitors his lair.
Belt maze “Moebius”– the illusion of infinity of this amazing place. Due to the lack of boundaries between walls and floors, you get the feeling that is close to the sensation of weightlessness. With the help of professional psychologists chosen warm shades and colors pleasing to the eye. The idea is that the dense wall of tapes causes a feeling of infinity. In the maze there is no logic of the law, and to get out, you can rely only on their oschuscheniya.Esli you are not afraid of the dark and love the thrill, then recently started to use very popular maze “in the dark”. To get out of the maze for the modern man is becoming a real torture. In the absence of the slightest light you will have to rely only on his senses: smell and touch.

Relieve stress and anger splash

Very good place to de-stress has become an attraction “Beat the dishes.” The idea is that the hotel offers a significant number of dishes that you want to throw and break the walls. If desired, the wall can be decorated with pictures of the evil boss or competitor. Just on the dishes you can write whatever you care about – from this treatment effect is increased. Throw out all the negative in a similar way psychologists advise to acquire peace of mind and peace of recovery.

Arriving in the capital of the emotions and recreational activities, and do not forget to plan a relaxing vacation. This will help our cozy self-catering apartments, Single and double rooms, as well as the highest level of service and a host of special offers and additional services.

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